its true. 2008 kinda sucked. well, at least thats the general opinion I'm hearing.
All over its "fuck 2008" or "2008 was so shit, I'm glad its over!"
I didn't personally have the best year, infact i think i might have broken my brain this year, for real. Heres the thing tho...the clock didn't just strike 12 on december 31st and my problems disappeared, the very same problems that were harshing me on dec.31st were there on jan 1st, only my hangover was 3 times as bad as it usually is, and i don't remember the party so well...
such was the theme of 2008..."so this is the new year, and I don't feel any different" to quote a popular emo band. Things are different, its true. Uncomfortable changes from the previous year are still a reality today- the 3rd day of the new year, and I'm forced to take inventory of the unpleasantness's that made the last year what it was. Perhaps this is the significance of the "new years resolution". I am however optimistic that not every year will be like this, just like at this time last year i had a bit of a glow from the previous, and didn't even think twice about new years. The plan this year has changed, and the outcome will no doubt be drastically different as well- I will have high hopes for this brand new year, but low expectations...maybe I'll keep a diary this year also, so when things are shitty again in 2010 I'll know why, instead of struggling with a hazey mess of nights that go into the morning and unresolved confrontations. I guess we will see what comes of this new day for all of us. Let me end by saying this though: it wasn't all bad, there were a few people and places that made it bearable, including my local bar and It's wonderful bar staff, and a handful of friends i picked up along the way.
As bad a life may seem sometimes, its always worth living...maybe a vacation would make it more easier though. Good luck this year.

ps this is what i was up to on new years. fucking sweet rager

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