the holidays.

I realized this Christmas that my suspicions were true, I am in fact without a doubt- the "black sheep" of my family. I've always sort of felt it, out of place, abnormal and unlike my siblings in any fashion. I have always found myself more comfortable on the outskirts of expected behavior, and in the lowest bracket of expectation from any manor of authority figure. These thoughts, always fleeting are normally expelled by my rationalization that in the end "I'm a pretty regular kid..."
I am twenty four years old.
This Christmas i was kicked out of my family dinner before the fucking bird was even out of the oven. Flat out told to leave.
I'm not sure how "pretty regular" that is, but It's certainly not something I hear about happening often- at least not to people my age, so that rules out my "pretty regular kid" theory. I just don't fit in with these people...with allot of people. I'm a black sheep. for sure, with out a doubt in my mind, an unaccountable deviant at best . I'm sure it won't be long before i am outcast from society's Christmas dinner, and out into the cold, joined by only a handful of like-minded misfits. Square pegs in round holes we are. My only advice to you is don't attempt to understand the black sheep...you will just end up frustrated and upset.



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