Just The Tip

A wonderful newspaper project compiled by Jeremy R. Jansen and Tim McCready.
Showcasing 16 magical photographers:
Meghan Rennie, Matthew Koudys, Davida Nemeroff, Thursday Friday,
Tim McCready, Devin Lund, Amanda Schenk, Kate Boothman,
Catherine Lutes,Nina Hartmann, Domingo A. Robledo, Jeff Petry,
Eva Michon,Jimmy Limit, Jeremy R. Jansen and Adam Levett.

I will surely have a stack of these to give out at some point, and all you the viewer has to do to receive one is just ask...that's right, Ask and ye the viewer shall receive: Just The Tip.
Nice hey?


teen magus said...

I'm sick of photography, why you take a shit in your hands and then eat it instead

Thursday Friday said...

Because it would please you far too much, you sick masochistic fuck

teen magus said...

see, your response is funnier than my comment.