Demons Are Real

Okay so: A couple things about these 4 pictures.
Its not often that I provide story's or explanations for the photos I post, but today I feel like doing so, so here goes. The first couple of photos probably don't really go together, but something about them side by side I find appealing, so here they are.
As for the second set, the photo on the left is friend and artist Liam Crockard, from his days in a college fraternity. A wholesome lad is he.
The one on the right was taken in an old grave yard, and though its seemingly boring their are 2 large 'orbs' in the foreground (you may need to click image to enlarge). I have been told on more than a few occasions that this is the calling card of the ghost/spirit/afterlife/parallel dimension/whatever you want to call it...seemingly boring photo? maybe more to it!
All 4 photographs were taken between 2007 and now, and may or may not have appeared on this blog before?
Who knows...I'm certainly not keeping track.

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