What do you know about Budd Dwyer?


teen magus said...

a large portion of the eastern united states saw that live y'know. perhaps the most unsettling part in the tape is hearing some poor optimist on the side yell "somebody call a doctor!" after R.Budd blows his brains out. This clip made it onto every death footage/snuff/mondo movie in the 80s. the corner store by my house used to have faces of death III (the all fake one)for rent to kids. disturbing to say the least.

In my last post I also mentioned the San diego McDonalds massacre that occured in 1985. A distraught man who had suffered an abusive childhood and just got laid off, walked into a McDonalds with an UZI and ended the lives of 22 people. Funny how post-Columbine people cried out "never again" even though mass killings by psychopaths started in the 60s (Texas Belltower?) and continue unabaited till now. Mass murder is indelibly American if you ask me, especially if you believe a society gets the amount of crime it deserves.

dont forget the womens massacre at the polytechnique in montreal, also another crazed massacre caught on film.

k.a said...

i need to give you a copy of a zine i made a few months ago, remind me