Today I woke up hungover with "girls on film" stuck in my head.
When i finally got out of the house for breakfast it came on the radio in the diner.
What are the odds of that?

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teen magus said...

It can be called a lot of things. google "baader-meinhof syndrome"

do you believe in magick? Can the will manifest itself onto reality? I believe it can.

I find most people that have done large amounts of LSD have tapped into this vast lattice of coincidence that lies beneath everything. Do you believe life is only what you can see?

I'll show you a very basic ritual sometime I've used to get what I want, or to find out what is I really want. I usually only practice magick to get revenge on my enemies but you can use it to get whatever you want. Screw the girls you want to screw, get 7-11 nachos, or have someone fall down a bottomless pit and disappear forever.