Long 'Til The Morning


teen magus said...

now that is a posse about to go fuck each other in the ass in a dilapitated shack if i've ever seen one.

and I've seen one, it's called Ronnies on a Friday night

Thursday Friday said...


teen magus said...

yeah yeah. its harsh.

keep in mind I dont actually know the identities of any of those shack dwellers. All I know is a pack of hirsute men decked out in lumberjack shirts are walking into a forest and I dont see anybody packing one of those big saws with handles on either end.

I'm from Vancouver I've seen that scene played out time and time again in Stanley park (where the fags go to cruise) and it can only mean one thing.

Those guys are goin in there to get Greek

either that or its some kinda photo shoot or conceptual circle jerk, kinda amounts to the same thing dont it.

you should be going in there to tell ghost stories or have a fondue or something. im sick of beer.