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Its truly sad that anyone would describe the death of a young man as "typical" or "cliché", drug user or not. Like it or hate it, Dash Snow is the source of allot of copy cats and knock offs. It seems that some people take for granted the talent and Charisma displayed by this young artist, only to critique his work as if they were jealous it wasn't they're own. I guess everyone is a critique now tho...
Maybe if any of us are lucky we will be remembered for any of the typical cliché shit we do, as it seems that most of us are struggling for an original concept nowadays.
I suppose its easy to judge when you don't personally know the person in question, the same way i don't really care about the war in Irak, as it almost doesn't seem real to me...the fact of the matter is: its real, and it sucks. whether you know him or not, it sucks-and theres no need to be a loser about it. Dude was cool as shit, and his energy transcended magazine pages and internet gossip sites, and thats more than i can say for both myself, and most everyone i know.
I commend his celebration of a life style that most will never get to live, whether it be because of obligation or fear- both not mutually exclusive by any means, but also i feel to pass any judgment at this point would prove both pointless and petty.
In a time where there is seemingly lots of room for speculation- I hope we can all remain civil about the life of a truly inspirational individual.
I wish i had a chance to party with Dash Snow.


I have always wanted to host my own hamster party...

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stunasam said...

true very sad 2 c him go

il b there 4 da hamsters nest!!