I've been in BC less than 12 hours and already I'm wearing a bandanna, have abandoned all my previous bathing rituals and my nails are stronger than they have ever been! also, my swine flu seems to have vanished. More updates to follow, as i haven't actually left the room I'm staying in yet.


teen magus said...

i can't believe your in vancouver, i was just about to leave here to go back there just to get away from you. if i was there i could show you all the cool shit. like the house me and keith lived in on powell st. where a prostitute got killed and dismembered in our basement sink then dumped behind the market we all went to and jason mcleans friend found the parts. or the SRO me and keith lived in where a junkee od'd and decomposed for 2 months before i moved in and i had to burn cinnamon on the stove for a month to mask the smell. or the reduction plant pickton took prostitute entrails to to get reduced. or the alley by main and hastings i saw a crack head take a shit in, like 2000 times everyday for 30 years. yeaaaahhhh, vancouver, i miss it. you know it was #4 on best cities of the world index last year.

hope you got all your shots chas

goddu speedu uu baraku empara

Fighting.Graves.Seer said...

And if that testimony doesn't make you feel great to be living in vanshitty... well you probably shouldn't be living there. Good luck with it all dude, you're gonna love it.