Chris' visit!

My friend Chris David came to town and we hung out at Bill Bakers shop for a couple days!
while he was here he tattoo'd a big rose on my hand, which turned out amazing!
i also did a home made of the Dead Kennedys logo on his hand, which he was really jazzed about. Spending some quality bro time with CD and Bill is the best way to spent a lazy day...watching movies, talking shit and laughing tons. Plus you always learn something from Bill because he is a living legend. Here are some camera phone pics of some of the stuff that went on...

here is me tattooing Chris! concentrating so hard!

heres the finished product!

heres Chris David tattooing me!

and the finished product, which i am VERY happy with!!!!!!

while we were tattooing each other, Bill was picking out VHS' for us to watch, telling HILARIOUS storys, and trying on costumes for us!
The best being the poodle tea cozy turned hat, which bill wears when he "isnt feeling right"
he says his girlfriend hates it, but it lets her know what his mood is...

topped only by poodle hat AND balaclava...frightening combo!

All and all Chris' visit so far has been the best!
we went shopping, and dining and its just a load of fun to be hanging around with some talented guys! maybe if i can keep from laughing so much il learn a thing or 2 as well ;)

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PiSCEAN said...

u do tattoos now?? could you do me?
- lance