I keep losing my stuff. In the past month i have lost:
- army green rain coat
- my bike lock (?wtf?)
- a black hooded sweatshirt (american apparel, with a homemade V)
- an ipod connector cable
- a digital camera charger
- a flask (Russian looking)
- 1 ladyhawk tshirt


i blame this guy.

UPDATE: i found the flask, apparently i forgot it at the bar...thank god because it was a christmas gift from my ex girlfriend, and losing a gift is bad news.
sometimes i drink from the flask and drunk dial her. irony??
i bet she wishes i lost it hahah


the wind, said...

i think i saw your american apparel sweater in the piles of clothes....and did you look where all your other flasks are on your counter? its not there??

sorry to hear it, though

Matthew said...

That iPod cable has been missing since the days of Lauren and Sonja dance parties in the summer. I'm sure you could find most of this stuff in the crevasses of your couch.