lunch with aaronsmith

AarinSmith says: (1:22:26 AM)
i have this crazy rye bread
that rules
i dont really like bread
but this rye bread is good as fuck
i dont really like eggs either but those hard boiled eggs i made ruled
i got the technieque down
i read up on it a bunch on the internet
and you like
just put the eggs in an empty pot
fill it with cold water
and then bring it to a boil on high heat
and right when it starts boiling you just pull it off the heat
and let it sit for like 10 minutes
- º∆ sans passant ∆º says: (1:23:39 AM)
AarinSmith says: (1:23:44 AM)
and then you just put the eggs in cold water
- º∆ sans passant ∆º says: (1:23:44 AM)
good one
AarinSmith says: (1:23:47 AM)
and leave em there
and theyre like perfect
it made me like eggs

1 comment:

colin said...

i just boil the shit out of them for a while