whats up with lavalife?
why does it keep popping up in conversation all the time?
why are so many young people on internet dating sites?
do my relationships constantly fail because im not considering the right girls?
is that girl in another city, another part of the world?
will i ever meet her?
am i having a melt down?
the fonz didnt have the internet.
but shit, im a total L7 in comparison.
at least when I'm out at a bar or a party or whatever, relying what little charm god/my dad instilled in me, i know where i stand with members of the opposite sex. i would hate to go on some blind date and just totally fucking disappoint some poor girl, with my lack-luster tact and poor self control with alcohol (assuming we're meeting at licensed establishment)
basically it would be better for everyone involved if i just stay off these sites, or even just abstain from dating all together, based strictly on an undefeated record of let downs and embarrassing moments...

but for you low standard and/or self deprecating types: i can be reached at oxy.cohen@gmail.com
here are a couple of pictures, not super recent-but still damn fetching i feel... this is what our night out could turn into, at any given moment.


phoenix arizona said...

you are so jokes, chazaroni

Hugh Scott-Douglas said...

im growing more and more convinced that there is a void chaz...

a void.

LBC said...

whoa nice coat