Minced Connections

im so shocked, i dont even know how to blog about this.
can it be true, is there a man out there for me? or is this an elaberate hoax?
who could love a guy like this:

maybe life would be easier if i was queer, at least when i finally come out, there will be someone waiting for me. *siiigh*

also, am i a hipster?? i'd like some feedback on this- girls if you would like to discuss this, and other stuff over a quiet dinner and drinks, let me know.
on like, facebook or something tho...fuck craigslist

toronto craigslist > city of toronto > missed connections

Husky hipster hunk on Nassau St, Saturday around 5pm. - m4m - 25 (Kensington Market)

Reply to: pers-771923527@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-07-27, 1:32PM EDT

You: tallish, broad-shouldered, husky and totally adorable. You also had great glasses and you were covered in tattoos. Those shorts weren't too bad either.

I was wearing the green plaid and the purple New Era hat.

Jaw-dropping isn't enough; my jaw punched a hole in the pavement the second I spotted you. Here's hoping that tall skinny dude you were with was just a friend.

Too hot. Perhaps a hang-out sometime?


Bloody Matt said...

I hope I was the tall skinny dude.

p said...

frown, the word was frown.

ps. you're gay!

Thursday Friday said...

how am i gay??

pat456 said...

dude too unreal hah

phoenix arizona said...

did u answer or whaat