an early evening with doug

my friend Doug Macgregor is a dynamo. He plays drums in a rock band, has a degree in quantum physics and works at a brewery. he has been around the world and back, and it seems like he has done it all.
so why is his blog so fucking gay?
check it out "sans passant"

here's his description of his blog to me.

DM says: (6:34:50 PM)
hey, i have a blog
DM says: (6:41:50 PM)
its me and my bros old chess league stats
DM says: (6:41:54 PM)
every move of every game
- some girls girls girls says: (6:42:26 PM)
worst blog ever

1 comment:

guttafool said...

i like your blog a lot.
-nichole (michelle's sister)